24 septiembre 2013

Street Style during the Fashion Week

You´ll find here a pick of different street styles from the Fashion Week.

I´d like to start posting about
this idea that has been a central piece of my concept about fashion and style, meaning "Street Style". By watching everyday woman I´ve found that every city has its own street style identity. You´re right this is not new, but it´s interesting to always analyse how high fashion and urban environments mix and transform. 

So, I´ve decided to post in a very raw way, what I´ve chosen when I went through Vogue Street Chic from the UK.

These are different styles happening during Fashion Week:

1. Street Style New York Fashion Week

    Skirts showed
versatility and sassyness. No matter the prints or length of the skirt, it´s about styling tops and accesories by focusing on contrasts between glam and casual.

2. Street Style London Fashion Week

    Jackets, Sweaters or Blazers will work as key pieces to play with your proportions and textures on your outfits. Neutral colors could be shaken up by touches of solid colors.

3. Street Style Milan Fashion Week

    Playful and graphic prints recreate a fresh and easy going look. You could have a chic look thanks to peculiar handbags and metallic glints on accesories or fabrics. But sunglasses will add the final touch to the look, round, squared or polarized glasses seem to be the perfect choice.

So noticing all these elements might help you to find your own language when putting together an outfit or trying pieces on. And much more important yet, if you know some of these elements you won´t need to buy expensive clothes to dress stylish or bold.

 I hope you like this post and find it helpful in some way...

All the collages were made by @modaensuma Editor Anamaría León, so please ask before using them, because they are also published in:

Instagram @modaensuma

and very soon


(A mis lectores hispanhablantes espero no les incomode leer la traducción precaria que puede hacer algún traductor en internet, el próximo se los prometo en español)

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