15 abril 2016

Not your mother's Dry Shampoo Review | Not your mother's Dry shampoo reseña

Dry Shampoos and me

I have to say I'm not used to wear dry shampoo at any time and just because I have had such bad experiences with them that I didn't feel like using any dry shampoo. But this time I gave it a shot when I answered my Influenster's quiz about if I was willing to try a dry shampoo.

So I received this Clean Freak Dry Shampoo and it turned out to be
better than expected. I don't have an easy hair. It's oily on the roots and the rest of it tends to get very dry specially at the ends.

My experience with it

This dry shampoo won't let your fingers tinted nor your hair. I mean you have to apply a lot of product on your roots for it to stain them white.
I've found out that my highlights didn't change their color by using this dry shampoo and it reduced a lot all that oil in my hair that doesn't look good at all.
I didn't gave me any sort of allergies. My hair didn't get damaged or even more dry. It didn't leave me any weird white residues so that was a big plus (trust me I was checking my hair after applying it every time I could).
I don't feel it has any particular smell honestly it does have like an subtle scent but It wasn't unpleasant.

Budget, best buy?

I must say though the product runs out quickly, so maybe if you are used to wear a lot of this kind of products you might think twice if it is worth buying the travel size and if you are willing to pay the larger version of it.
Over all I think it does the work.

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