05 junio 2016

My Bloom VoxBox was amazing | Influenster Unboxing & review

I received my 2nd VoxBox from @Influenster, called the Bloom VoxBox referring to Springtime.

I was so excited to get this one because I liked my first VoxBox and they said I was going to receive another of those hair products from Not your Mother's, also Influenster revealed that everyone of us was going to have one of the shades from the polish nail collection that was designed by Kylie Jenner.

So here are some reviews of
the products I've already tested out. I hope you find it useful and remember to share it if you do...

Not Your Mother's Plump For Joy Thickening Hair Lifter

You always have to remember the type of hair that you have and compare it with the one reviewing the product, in this case my hair is abundant but very fine, also my roots are oily and the rest of my hair tends to be dry.  As far as I've noticed this volumizer formula works very nice, but you have to apply a lot of product.
It works with a spray and has a nice scent, it smells like mango.
You have to spray your palms first and then apply it, the formula didn't leave a sticky sensation on my hands and the smell goes away after a couple of minutes.

SinfulColors Nail Polish

I received the nail polish in the shade Teal Midnight.

This is supposed to be one of the holographic glitter shades. It looks like a deeper color on the bottle, I didn't like I had to apply at least 3 layers so it could look actually blue.
It didn't take too long to dry, so that was positive.
Once it dried the color changes when you move and light hit your nails differently, so I would say the holographic effect took shape at that moment.
Though it will take me a bit longer to see how long the formula stays on my nails without chipping.

Cutex Advanced revival nail polish remover pads

I loved this remover pads when I tested them out with the past VoxBox. They come in a super convenient size and packaging. They do remove all the nail polish from your nails without any split and no mess at all. So I'll have them in my purse these weeks to come and I'm glad that I have them with me.

Nuxe (Paris) Huile Prodigieuse

This oil will help your skin and hair. I have tested it only on the ends of my hair. They look brighter and they feel softer.

It smells very sweet, I don't like that much this scent but I can get past through it, because I don't apply the oil on my roots nor on my face.
It made me happy that I don't have to apply much product to get results, so considering that it could be a little pricey I would say you won't spend too much because the Nuxe oil won't run out fast.

Sunbelt Bakery Granola Bar

It is a super soft granola bar. It doesn't have preservatives and you can really taste the honey which gives shape to whole bar.

If you have any question about the products I've reviewed please don't hesitate to write me on the comments below.
I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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